Rampage & X-treme’s

 Road To Worlds 2024

In December 2022 our Under 18 International team Elite Storm Rampage won an invitation to compete at the Allstar World Championships in Florida.

These are nineteen of the most hardworking young athletes you could ever meet.

They have been competing together for the last few years with the dream of winning a bid to compete on the biggest stage imaginable to them. They were at the top of the game just as covid 19 hit and put a stop to everything, as with everyone this was such a detrimental thing for their fitness and even more importantly their mental health.

It's taken such an incredible amount of hard work and dedication on their part for them to get back to a stage that they could complete at this level physical and mentally.

Their hard work was rewarded in December 2022 by not only winning their division but gaining the highest score of the entire competition leading them to get that amazing invitation to complete at the Allstar World Championships in Florida.

Now for the hard part, asking for help. 

As you can imagine this trip will come at a great cost and we have a lot of athletes that simply will not be able to afford the cost, and we don't want them to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because they are from a less privileged background.

Based on estimate costs we are looking at around £1400 per athlete which is a huge cost to anyone, but to those in low income homes is just an unreachable target.  As I mentioned we are a non-profit team so we are unable to help fund this trip.

The girls are actively fundraising themselves and will be doing as much as they can alongside their school work, exam timetables and training timetable and they would be very grateful of your support.

Thank you.