Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to join your team, what should I do ?

We are located in Leicester in the East Midlands, UK. Please email us and we will provide you with all the the necessary information.

Q: Is there a risk of injury being a cheerleader ?

Like all sports that require intense activity there will always be a risk of injury. This can be reduced by proper training with a qualified cheer leading coach.

Q: What skill level do I need to be at to join your squad?

Most squads will have athletes at different skill levels. Don't be put off joining a squad because you don't think you can do it. Go ahead surprise yourself.

Q: Do you have to be physically fit for cheer leading?

Not necessarily however, the more you train the stronger and more confident you will become. Cheerleading will improve your level of physical fitness, which in turn makes it more enjoyable.

Q: If l join a squad will I have to take part in competitions ?

Not if you don't want to. We have competitive and non-competitive teams.

Q: Where can I find out more about cheerleading?

There are many books, videos and DVDs available however, why not email us we should be able to answer your question.

Q: Are there age limits in cheerleading ?

We have cheer leaders aged from two years of age! There are no upper age limits, and your age defines which squad you will be in.

Q: Do you hold cheerleading summer camps.?

Elite Cheer Academy offer regular cheer clinics that run by our squad coaches.