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Frequently Asked Questions
I would like to become a cheerleader what should I do ?
Our squad is based Leicester, England. If you do not live in Leicester it would be better to find a squad that is closer to where you do live.  If you live in the U.K.  visit the B.C.A. or FutureCheer websites which should  help you find a squad near you.
Is there a risk of injury being a cheerleader ?
Like all sports that require intense activity there will always be a risk of injury.  This can be reduced by proper training with a qualified cheerleading coach.
Do you have to be physically fit for cheerleading ?

Not necessarily, however the more you train the stronger and more confident you will become. 

Most squads will have different levels of skill.  By improving your level of  physical fitness you will find you will enjoy your cheerleading more. 

Do not be put off joining a squad because you don't think you can do it.  Go ahead surprise yourself.

If I join a squad will I have to take part in competitions ? Not if you don't want to.  Most squads have a non-competitive teams
I would like to go to a cheerleading competition, can you tell me where they are?
If you are in the UK there are a number of competitions throughout the country.  Check the B.C.A. and FutureCheer sites for dates & locations. You will also find links to International competitions.
Where can I find out more about cheerleading?
There are a number of different ways  you can find out about cheerleading however, if you are in the UK try the B.C.A. & FutureCheer links, or have a look on our links page for other cheer sites.
Are there age limits in cheerleading ?
There are no upper age limits, other than that your age defines which squad you will be in for competitions.
I would like to start my own squad how do I start?
Visit the B.C.A. or FutureCheer for comprehensive details on starting your own squad.
Are there any cheerleading summer camps held in the U.K.?
Training camps and clinics are run by the B.C.A. and Future Cheer subject to demand, email them direct for availability .
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